NTI gymnasiets förstelärare Sofia Aspling Sjöberg har skrivit en artikel tillsammans med Caroline Graeske och Stina Thunberg från LTU. Nu har den blivit publicerad i ett vetenskapligt forum. Man kan hitta den på länken nedan. Artikeln handlar om avatarer kopplade till att lära sig mer om skönlitteratur. Sofia använde sig av Plotagon i studien.

Ur artikelns abstract: ”This study aims to investigate and evaluate a didactic design that includes avatars as game elements in order to promote students’ reading of fiction. What opportunities and challenges might such a design present? In the study, an action research method and game theory were used, where teachers and researchers collaboratively explored and evaluated the outcome. The results showed that this design offered many opportunities and generated reading engagement. The students co-design their learning by creating an avatar and then entering the fictional world of a short story. Creating an avatar that interacts with the fictional text requires both participation, reading comprehension and meta analytic skills.”

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