NTI Upper Secondary Schools of Technology

At the NTI Upper Secondary Schools of Technology we prepare our students for a digital world of constant change. Our focus is technology, science and ICT – we believe that those are the tools you need to take on the future. We have 29 schools in Sweden, in 20 different cities. At our schools the students can study many different programmes, for example the Technology Programme, the Natural Science Programme, the Business Programme or the Design Programme. What they all have in common is the focus on tech that we offer all our students. For example, everybody has classes in programming, regardless of what programme they study. We build makerspaces, VR/AR-labs along side conventional labs at every school for our students to test and learn about new technologies and how to adapt the old with the new. We work with leading organizations within the tech sector, such as Research Institutes of Sweden, Microsoft, Cisco and Ifous, so we can keep our pedagogical knowledge and educational content as relevant as possible.

We have over 50 years of experience and have educated thousands of students. With that experience we are ready for the future – and to give our students the best possible education.

Our financiers

At NTIG we prepare our students for a digital world in constant change. We prepare our students, as well as our staff, to deal with the global challenges of the future by offering them internships and job shadowing abroad. Seeing is believing!

We collaborate with schools, educational providers and social partners around the globe for constant school development and to benchmark and assure that our educational programmes are in line with the skills needed for the world of work – now and tomorrow.

NTIG has years of experience operating with partners around the globe within following initiatives: 

  • Erasmus+
  • Nordplus (funded by Nordic Council of Ministers)
  • Atlas (nationally funded programme)

About our financiers

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad. Erasmus+ has opportunities for a people of all ages, helping them develop and share knowledge and experience at institutions and organisations in differens countries. Erasmus + has also opportunities for a wide range of organisations, including universities, education and training providers, think-tanks, research organisations, and private business.

Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ most important programme in the area of learning. More than 10,000 people in the Nordic and Baltic region benefit from it every year. The Nordplus Programme offers financial support to a variety of educational cooperation between partners in the area of lifelong learning from the eight participating countries and three autonomous regions in the Baltic and Nordic Area. The programme serves as a tool to including strengthen and develop Nordic educational cooperation and contribute to the establishment of a Nordis-Baltic educational region.

Atlas promotes links between members institutions through regular meetings and information exchange. The main activities of Atlas are for instance organising conferences on issues in tourism and leisure education and research. Regional conferences are also held in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Running international courses, such as the ATLAS Winter University in Europe and the Summer Course in Asia. Atlas’s internship is an opportunity for students to place learning in the workplace at a workplace in another country. The internship abroad can provide both professional development and cultural exchange and increased language skills.

RISE mobilises the knowledge society in the pursuit of a sustainable future and a competitive Swedish business community. We are an innovation partner for those transformative entrepreneurs with products, services, processes and technologies that may prove to be tomorrow’s solutions. 

Our vision of being a ”leading international innovation partner” guides us towards the goal of becoming a distinct and distinguished part of the Swedish innovation system, working in an international market. Linked to our vision is our mission, expressed ad ”Accelerating Innovation”. We bring scientific expertise to bear on ensuring sustainable growth, by building structures and processes for innovation that make our customers and partners competitive on the international stage. We act as a catalyst for innovation that, while it may occur without us, becomes more effective through our participation in the process. 


– innovation, research and development is a nonprofit independent research and development (R&D) institute that works to stimulate practice-oriented research in the field of education. The aim is to support school providers in implementing research-based education and to help teachers ans school-leaders to plan, carry out and evaluate teaching on the basis of research-based methods and procedures.

Ifous– is funded by its members, i.e. municipal and private school authorities. Up-dates information in the field of educational research is regularly provided to members who also have the opportunity to participate in different R & D activities. The R & D work is carried out with a participatory approach, involving school practitioners in the research process as well as the development activities. The goal is to respond to needs of teachers and school leaders in their daily work in schools and classrooms. The research is conducted in cooperation with different universities throughout Sweden.

Astronomisk Ungdom- Swedish Astronomical Youth AssociationThe organization was founded in 2012 and is associated to the Swedish Astronomical Society. SAYA is a nonprofit organization for young people interested in astronomy and aerospace. Our aim is to promote interest in astronom and aerospace among the Swedish youth. Membership is free for all, and for those between 6 and 25 years we also offer free subscription to the journal Popular Astronomi. We regularly organize astronomy camps, star parties, competitions, schoolarship, ans much more!


Call for CIRRUS/Nordplus projects: 2020 – CIRRUS


Our programmes

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