NTI Technology

The technology Programme is a university preparation programme that develops your knowledge and skills in technology and technological development. During your time with us you develop your knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics with a focus on technical processes. In technology, you get to investigate, describe and systematize different properties of technical objects and processes. In physics and chemistry you get to investigate, describe and systematize different phenomena in nature and make connections to technical processes. Mathematics in the field of technology is a language and a tool for understanding, expressing and analyzing contexts. All subjects help to develop your ability to use digital technology, especially as a tool for technology and technological development. 

Information and media technology (orientation)

The field of information and media technology gives you knowledge and skills in information, communication and media technology. It deals with computer communication, programming, digital media, web development and computer and communication technology. There is a great focus on programming and computer skills in relation to technology development so that you are ready for a digitized future.