NTI Social Science

The social science programme with a focus on media, information and communication has a clear media-technical profile that gives you a broad repertoire of knowledge so that you can create different types of media and digital productions yourself. In parallel with the studies of how new technology affects us people and changing society, you work practically in several media technical areas. During the training you will learn how to use current software to create everything from virtual 3D environments and webpages to movies and podcasts, which will come in handy if you want to work with e.g. digital design or game development – or invest in further studies at university.


Media Production (orientation)

The specialization includes social science, digital design and media production. In addition to a classical social science education, you will also learn how to create 3D models and build virtual environments, as well as develop web pages, create podcasts and make movies. We have modern equipment in our VR and media labs and work with up-to-date software to help you master the latest technology in digital creation. This is an in-depth study for those who want to read SAM but are also interested in design and media.