NTI Tertiery education at the Technology Programme, orientation Information Technology

The Engineering Programme (TE4) is an additional year for the technology programme. During this year you will immerse yourself in software development, run your own projects and have 10 weeks of internship at one of our partner companies. You then graduate as an upper school engineer, a coveted title in an industry that screams for skills.

In Sweden, 70,000 programmers are needed by 2022, according to a forecast from the industry organization IT and Telecom companies.

Across the EU, one million programmers are missing (SvD Näringsliv, 23 april 2018).

The training is suitable for you who want:

start working on software development as soon as possible.

gain in-depth knowledge of software design before continuing your studies at university or college.

Have a fun year with lots of programming and problem solving while deciding what to do after Upper Secondary School.

make contacts within the industry and have the opportunity for rewarding extra work and degree work during your further studies.

start your own company in the field.


To apply to the upper school of technology school, engineering programme you need:

Have a degree from the Technology Programme. 

Have at least the grade approved in the courses Web Development 1 and Programming 1,

fill at most 22 years in the calendar year you begin your education.

You can apply before graduating, and then supplement with your diploma

Or equivalent knowledge.