NTI Update

NTI Update is a monthly magazine in video format for our 25 high schools, working together to push the boundaries of education in tech, science and ICT.

In this episode: The electrodynamic airplane, Samsungs foldable screen, Surf safe with https and Alumni Adrian, 19 years old and CEO of two companies!

In this episode: AI does art, Bitcoin turns 10 years and tips on keeping your phone safe! Also some tips from our alumni William, today a student at Chalmers Technology College.

In this episode: Googles removes "Don't be evil", the robo-dog from Boston Dynamics and how to use public wifi. This months alumni: IT Consultant Jessica!

In this episode: new Apple watch tech, safe passwords and the Swedish twitter account. We also get to hear from out alumni Albin, lead designer at Forsman & Bodenfors.