Examination Subjects

The 3 Core subjects are mandatory. The 6
examination subjects are selected from the 6
subject groups and a subject can be studied
at either Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level
(HL). Your individual combination of subjects
will lead you on to eligibility in your choice of
studies at university.

4 examination subjects offered at NTI
Gymnasiet Skövde but in few other IB schools
in Sweden are: Computer Science SL/HL, Visual
Arts SL/HL, Mathematics HL and Japanese Ab
Initio SL.

Year 1 PreDP (Preparatory Year) 900
Engelska 5 100
Svenska 1 100
Matematik 1c 100
Matematik 2c 100
Naturkunskap 1b 100
Naturkunskap 2 100
Historia 1b 100
Samhällskunskap 1b 100
Bild och form 1b 100
Year 2-3 Diploma Programme - The Core
Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
Extended Essay (EE)
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)
Group 1: Studies in language and literature
Swedish A SL/HL (Standard Level/Higher Level)
English A SL/HL
Self Taught SL
Group 2: Language acquisition
English B SL/HL
Japanese Ab Initio SL
Group 3: Individuals & Societies
History SL/HL
Business Management SL/HL
Psychology SL/HL
Group 4: Sciences
Biology SL/HL
Chemistry SL/HL
Physics SL/HL
Computer Science SL/HL
Group 5: Mathematics
Mathematical studies SL
Mathematics SL/HL
Group 6: The Arts
Visual Arts SL/HL
Extra subject from group 1-4
Summa: 900